For Life After Unlock

Physical Distancing even before you step out.

As we open up to go places, NoQ app  implements social distancing guidelines in your and in the lives of your customers.


NoQ Mission

To prevent & contain the spread of infection in India.

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No More Queues

No waiting in line

Frequently Asked Questions


What is NoQ App?

NoQ stands for No Queues. Despite social distancing becoming the new guideline to protect public health and safety, gathering of a crowd waiting to get inside a shop or restaurant by forming a close physical queue can be risky. NoQ addresses this challenge. NoQ's mission is to prevent the spread of Covid19.

How NoQ works?

To prevent spread of COVID-19 infection, it is important that required social distancing and other preventive measures are followed in such premises. Usage of the FREE NoQ app helps our Indian citizens with required social distancing and ensures other preventive measures are followed inside and outside such premises.

Why NoQ?

As we open up our country, enforcing physical distancing is a tougher challenge to implement manually without smart and innovative use of technology. NoQ app is an an simply yet highly effective idea whose time has come. Now is the time NoQ is needed the most to prevent and contain the infection. We are committed to improving the lives of as many people as possible.

Who is the team behind NoQ?

NoQ is a mission of--and an idea conceived by--Intellibuzz. Covid India Task Force (CITF) has joined hands to support this mission.

Moreover, we are connected to State & Central Government Authorities under whose guidance NoQ is being developed.

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